Imagine McGillivray Oval on Grand Final day. There’s a buzz of excitement in the air because University is contesting its first 1st Grade grand final since 1977. 4th Grade and Colts have just won theirs and the crowd is a sea of green, with past players you haven’t seen for years turning out in droves to watch their Club in a triumphant return to glory.

It’s something I can’t wait to see again. And if you feel the same way, you’ll be very happy with what you’re about to read.

The past few years have seen huge advances in our off the field activities. Former players have generously given their time and money to develop our playing fields and clubrooms into one of the best in the WARU competition. On the field has been a different story, despite the efforts of everyone who’s pulled on a jersey or been involved with a team.

As a result, a “Friends of UWA Rugby Club” has been formed with a mission “To return the UWA Rugby Club to a position of pre-eminence in Western Australia Rugby”.

This involves using the unique resources available to us through UWA to recruit and more importantly retain quality players who will form the basis of the Club’s on field success for many years to come.

This document outlines this initiative in more detail. Like anything, it won’t happen without support and as you’ll see there are a number of ways you can help the University Rugby Club achieve the success we all want it to.


Mission Statement

“To return the UWA Rugby Club to a position of pre-eminence in Western Australian Rugby”.


  • Establish a Foundation to meet the annual expenses of a Scholarship and Bursary scheme to attract and retain new players.
  • Develop a Friends Supporters Club where all members, past and present, can stay in touch with the achievements of the Club.
  • Host an annual Friends Rugby event to meet leading Rugby personalities, raise ongoing funds and add to the camaraderie of the University of Western Australia Rugby Football Club.



Several years ago the Sydney University Rugby Football Club (established 1863) was facing demotion to second division. A player’s parent with a vision for a better future formed the Friends of Sydney University Rugby Football Club and today they are Sydney Club Champions. The University of Western Australia Rugby Club has developed a model based on the one used by Sydney University and by following our sister club’s lead we hope to achieve similar results.

A cornerstone of this is the formation of a Friends of UWA Rugby group.

The Friends seeks prominent members of the Club who have been successful in their corporate careers to give generously so that the combined funds would be sufficient to establish and fund a Scholarship and Support Scheme. Donations of $10,000 are sought to be a Friend with lower levels gratefully accepted as well. As a fully income tax deductible donation to the University of Western Australia the funds are managed by the University within the Hackett Foundation.

A series of student scholarships are funded. Talented athletes are identified with the advantages of attending UWA and joining UWA Rugby presented to them. Financial assistance is made from the fund to enable them to study and play rugby at UWA.

The Rugby Club provides a recommendation for support to an overseeing Board of Directors. The Board endorse the applicants and seek funds from the University to which a series of scholarships are presented to eh players. These scholarships may range from $500 to $3,000 annually to meet books, tutoring, students’ Higher Education Contribution Scheme expenses and are reviewed annually.

The target of the scholarship recipients will be local as well as overseas players. Talented youngsters leaving school and seeking to study at our University will be the prime focus. Supplementing this will be players from overseas institutions and those directed to our club.




The Rugby Club has successfully hosted functions to raise the profile of the Club and much needed funds as well. The Friends seek to bring members and supporters of the Club together to meet and hear from eminent rugby personalities and extend the camaraderie of the University of Western Australia Rugby Football Club each year.

By hosting these events attendees can hear the insights of international rugby, share a story or two and have the opportunity to purchase much sought after rugby merchandise.

The first Friends function was held in 2000 and was such a success that they have been held annually ever since.



The University of Western Australia Rugby Club is seeking your support by:

  1. Friends of UWA Rugby –      become a Friends Member
  2. Annual Dinner –                   attend the Friends Dinner

All donations to the Friends are fully tax deductible. The University of Western Australia will recognise all gifts.

The UWA Rugby Club hosts a series of events throughout the year. Invitations to attend and enjoy the UWA Rugby experience will be provided.


For more information contact

Rick Wolters                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This programme is coordinated through

University of Western Australia          UWA Sport and Recreation Association

Office of Development                                   Executive Director

Ph 6488 7953                                                    Ph 6488 2286




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