Listed below are a series of Honour Board listings of games results and records won by players and members of the Club.

All Scorers 1929 - as at end 2017

Fastest Try in a Match

Finals Appearances

Highest Points Scorers

Highest Scores in a Match

Highest Try Scorers in a Season

Most Tries in a Match

Most Goals in a Match

Players Games played 1929-2012

Players Games played 1978-2013

Points Scorers 2008

Points Scorers 2009

Points Scorers 2010

Points Scorers 2011

Points Scorers 2012

Tours - Hosting Visiting Teams

Tours - Overseas Touring Teams

Trophies Won by UWA Rugby Club

All Games Played by UWA Rugby

All Clubs Premierships in Rugby WA History




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