The Club has maintained a series of points scoring tables to recognise the individual and team achievements of matches over the years.

Records of all known individual points scored in every game from 1929 on are presented.  NOTE - these records are based on found RugbyWA team sheets, West Australia/Sunday Times newspapers, UWA newspapers and articles such as Pelican and Silver Guilder as well as UWA Rugby Club newsletters.

Many of the points scorers' achievements have gone unrecorded; however, the best efforts to record those known to us are presented here.

You can search your personal career achievement by the Scorers 1929- files and then check individual games by selecting the years played and the team you played for, remembering the loss of many statistics.

Should you be able to add any details to the Points Scorers please advise Club Historian Rick Wolters.

Club Points Scorer Record Holder

Michael Hughes - 1978-2000.
378 games played. 2,138 points.

Below is a list of all players of the club from 1929 that are known to have scored points.   Note missing points are due to no records from RugbyWA, local newslpapers or UWA Rugby club records being available to update.

All Scorers 1929 - as at end 2017

10 Year Periods

Points scoring data is available that shows results:

* Year by Year and Team by Team

* Every game and every result

* Players who has scored

* Missing scorers

* Total points scored

Scorers 2019-2028

Scorers 2009-2018

Scorers 1999-2008

Scorers 1989-1998

Scorers 1979-1988

Scorers 1969-1978

Scorers 1959-1968

Scorers 1949-1958

Scorers 1939-1948

Scorers 1929-1938





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