Origins of the award.

For many right-minded people in the UWA Rugby Club, one award reigns above all others - Turd of The Year. In the attached PDF, the origins are described by the eminent Bill Cookson.

 The Award sees the handing from recipient to recipient a trophy - the Turd Mug. This is not engraved by the Club - the recipient must do this themself at his own expense!  In addition caps are now bestowed in the order of receival and numbered I (1971) to XXXXVII (2017) and so on...

TURD Cap 1   TURD cap2

Turd of the Year Award Recipients

Turd I Terry Gent      Turd II Don McGregor     Turd III Paul Woodley     Turd IV Bill Cookson     Turd V Bruce Hartley   

Turd VI Darryl Wilson     Turd VII Neil Munro     Turd VIII Bruce Allbrook     Turd IX Greg Mohen     Turd X Vern Reid   

Turd XI Brandon Brooksbank     Turd XII Max Meikle     Turd XIII Michael Hughes     Turd XIV Duncan McKenzie     

Turd XV Sam Hondros   Turd XVI Ed Babington    Turd XVII Tom Babington     Turd XVIII Steve Cringle

Turd XIX Rick Wolters     Turd XX Andrew OConnell     Turd XXI Tom Allan     Turd XXII Alistair Box

Turd XXIII Michael Colliss     Turd XXIV Hamish Sutherland     Turd XXIV Sandy Sutherland     Turd XXV Alistair Box

Turd XXVI Steve Boyle     Turd XXVII Peter Keller     Turd XXVIII Stuart Maughan     Turd XXIX Peter Nisbet     

Turd XXX Damian Elton     Turd XXXI Monty King     Turd XXXII Jonas Dix     Turd XXXIII Ryan Lenegan

Turd XXXIV Jayden Wallis     Turd XXXV Shaun Hardcastle     Turd XXXVI Peter Gibbons     Turd XXXVII Dan Pether

Turd XXXVIII Damian ODonnell    Turd XXXIX Tony Soldatic    Turd XL Nick OSullivan    Turd XLI Andrew Dopson    

Turd XLII Michael Patching     Turd XLIII Mark Westcott     Turd XLIV Rob Young     Turd XLV Zach De Graaf   

Turd XLVI Rafferty Fox     Turd XLVII Pat Hannigan

 Allan Cringle Meikle J Brooksbank Babington T Hartley OConnell Colliss M Hughes M Box Sutheland S Sutherland H Wolters R Turds 1982   1995 at Annual Dinner 1995   King Allan ODonnell Babington E Wallis Dopson Maughan Nisbet Colliss Box Patching Hartley Soldatic 2013 Turds Reunion




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